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On request, we can create and ship a prototype of your final product to you. This allows you to fully evaluate the final product in your own hand and ensure that the design, look and feel is as you require.


All prototypes are from the exact supplier you’ll receive your final product from, not replicas or mock-up samples, and so the pre-production stage begins at your request. We take the same care in making one prototype that we would for the entire production run.

Global sourcing, local knowledge

Our mission to create remarkable packaging has led us across the globe looking for the best manufacturers and craftsmen of their type. Our various offices across the globe, in packaging hotspots, allow us to tap into local industry and gain the upper hand on consumer trends, new technologies and innovative new products and their respective suppliers.

Stock + Serve

Ultimately, the cost of packaging can be a cornerstone in any decision to purchase. At Rocaba our private warehouses are used to stock and serve our customers thus reducing costs of re-delivery and storage. These savings are then forwarded onto you directly.

Need more than packaging? Need a solution?
Contact Joel, our Commercial Sales Manager

Joel Ogus